The Joe Brooks Guide on How to Record Twitter Streams - Part 1

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Let’s say you don’t have the time to take screenshots all day and night, but still want the option to record someone’s Twitter stream. There are two methods that I use that are very effective. They each have their limitations but when used together they provide a near completed version of someone’s Twitter timeline.

METHOD 1 — If This Than That.


I discovered IFTTT.com a few months ago and I immediately fell in love with how easy this service is to use. Basically it’s a website where you state IF something happens THAN something else happens. For example you can configure the website so that If Barack Obama sends a Tweet than the website can send you text message or an email with that message.

I use IFTTT.com to record certain Twitter user’s tweets to a text file in my Dropbox.com folder.

Here are the steps that you need to take to record someone’s Twitter Stream:

Make sure you have accounts on the following websites:

  1. Sign Up for an IFTTT.com account
  2. Sign Up for a Dropbox.com account

Now follow these instructions each time you want to record someone’s new Twitter messages: 

  1. Click on this RECIPE -> http://ifttt.com/recipes/43351
  2. The website will ask you to activate your Dropbox account if you haven’t done so already. 
  3. In the box that says “Username to Watch” fill in the Twitter username. 
  5. Click “Use Recipe” 

If you did everything above correctly when the person sends a new tweet a new text file will appear in your Dropbox’s Twitter folder. The file will update every 15 minutes until the size reaches 2MB, then it’ll create a new file.

The only limitation to this method is if the person Tweets over 15 messages in that 15 minute time period then you’ll only get the most recent 15 messages.

Method 2 — Download a Twitter users last 3,000 tweets in under 2 minutes

Coming soon.


Fortune Favors the Bold

Last week’s Supreme Court decision was a devastating punch to the gut. It took the wind out what was supposed to be a day full of celebrations. I was not prepared for the defeat. There is no way to spin Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision to side with the liberal Supreme Justices in calling the Obama’s Health Care bill a TAX and therefore deeming it constitutional. There is no silver-lining to the disgraceful decision which gave Congress an even more powerful chokehold on the American Taxpayer that can never be erased from the role of the federal government in our lives.

The decision will forever be on the books.

Forevermore the boogeyman that is known as the American Politician with a Progressive and / or fascist agenda can have the option of forcing the American taxpayer to conform to a certain set of regulations or face a tax as a punishment.

  • Want Americans to upgrade their homes to the smart grid giving regulators control of the thermostat? There will soon be a penalty tax for that.
  • Want Americans to buy electric cars? There will soon be a penalty tax for that.
  • Want Americans to be within 5% of their ideal body weight? There will soon be a penalty tax for that.

All these things are now possible because of the Supreme Court’s affirming Congress’s taxation power. You can now be taxed based on actions you don’t take or on items you have no intention to purchase.

Last Thursday’s Supreme Court decision was one of the worst days for individual freedom and liberty, probably only topped by the Founder’s unwillingness to outright ban slavery at the dawn of the nation. And just like our forefathers in the Abolitionists movement in early U.S. History we need to fight for the emancipation of the American Taxpayer from the shackles of tyranny.

The Action Plan

The phrase “Fortune Favors the Bold” means only those are willing to take risks and action can almost guarantee ‘luck’ will be on their side. As a conservative Tea Party movement we need to stop worrying about the Presidential Election being close in the swing states and focus on making the entire outcome a mandate. We need to take bold actions and guarantee President Obama and his Marxist comrades are booted out of the White House in November.  How this works is you make sure you are registered to vote at your current residence, then you make sure all of your friends are registered to vote.  This idea has been mentioned before by Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks, but now more than ever I believe this to be the only solution that guarantees fortune favors the Tea Party movement. And the steps are simple: 

  1. Make Sure You are Registered to Vote. [Check Here]
  2. Make Sure Your like-minded friends are Registered to Vote [Check Here]
  3. Vote for Mitt Romney in November. 
  4. Pledge to make sure Romney knows that there will be a primary challenger in 2016 from the Tea Party


The Joe Brooks Guide to Taking Screenshots

Tonight during the Franklin Center webinar Lee Stranahan mentioned how important it is for those of us who are engaged by these nefarious Twitter Sock Puppets to take screenshots. Lee correctly stated that many times when these guys start attacking you on Twitter they will immediately delete the messages. I believe the main reason these guys delete their messages is because they know what they are doing is wrong and they don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. So when they hit the delete button they feel like they accomplished their goal: they attacked you and make you look crazy to others who may look at your Twitter stream hours later talking to someone who has never mentioned you before. 

The process of taking screenshots might seem daunting for some, but it’s actually pretty simple. In this article I will discuss the several methods that I use to create screenshots. I will also share my secret method (which isn’t really that secret!) on how I amass a file of Tweets from certain users that I am following for research purposes.

I am Windows PC user so most of what I discuss in this article comes from that perspective. For those who do have Macs, first of SCREW YOU because I want a Mac, and secondly you can view the list of links I have at the bottom of this article that might be better suited for your far superior computing device.

All of these methods are FREE, you don’t need to buy any special software.

Windows PC

  • Print Screen button. Somewhere on your keyboard should be a button that says “prt sc” or something very similar. By pressing this button your entire screen will be frozen in time on your clipboard. To access the screenshot you need to open your Microsoft Paint program, click to open a new file, then under the edit menu choose “paste”. Your screenshot should then appear in the Paint window. (Pro tip: You can also use the Paint tools to redact personal or embarrassing information from your screenshot)
  • The Snipping Tool. For users who have Windows 7 Home Premium there is an nifty add-on called the Snipping Tool by Microsoft. When you open the tool it freezes your screen, then you can use your mouse to select an area of your screen to capture that area to a file. Learn more about The Snipping Tool HERE

Google Chrome Plugin

Increasingly more and more people are using Google Chrome as their official browser and for good reasons, not only is the browser pretty fast there is a wide variety of plugins and extensions available that you can use within the browser.

  • My favorite Google Chrome Plugin for gathering screenshots is unsurprisingly called Screen Capture. The reason I love this plugin is because not only can you take screenshots of certain regions of your browser, you can take a snapshot of a full webpage.

    Once you install the plugin the Screen Capture icon will appear in the app draw on the upper right hand part of your browser. When you click on the icon numerous self-explanatory options will popup. I use this plugin DAILY! 

Firefox Add-on

  • For those who are still using FireFox there is an add-on that has similar functionality as the Screen Capture, it’s called Screenshot. Once you have the add-on installed the icon will appear on the upper right hand corner of your browser. When you click on that icon a file-menu of options will appear. Choose the type of screenshot you want to take and save the file. 

Record Twitter Streams

Mac Resources

Mac resources is coming soon! 


BREAKING: Aaron Walker gets SWATted

Conservative blogger Aaron Walker has become the forth victim in the past year to an horrendous act called SWATting. SWATting is a practice that involves pranking emergency services into believe a violent crime was committed at the victim’s house.

All victims of the SWATting calls have either blogged about Brett Kimberlin or Weinergate.

Update from Aaron and Ali:

And a great point from AG_Conservative:

Twitchy Thread opened

Brett Kimberlin ally makes blind threat on his website (SAFE LINK):

"And speaking of fun… I’m told that we have something coming up in the future ourselves that will be killer diller! Hot stuff. Hubba hubba! And I ain’t kidding. I haven’t even been told who it is yet, and already I’m looking forward to it. "

The Jawa Report

Update from PATTERICO seems to match other SWATtings: 

No joke. It happened around 6 p.m. Eastern. I briefly talked with one of the police officers at the scene, who confirmed that someone had called saying he had shot his wife, and sent officers to Aaron’s address.

I just got off the phone with Aaron and he and his wife are a little shaken up but OK. The officers had machine guns but did not point them at Aaron. They were quickly able to determine it was a hoax.

The Other McCain:

Readers will excuse the intensity of my reaction, but I simply cannot imagine that any criminal would be so stupidly overconfident to attempt such a thing, at a time when there is so much public attention on the subject. It boggles the mind.

Breitbart News confirms SWATting

Breitbart News contacted the Prince William County, Virginia police department to confirm the swatting. A dispatcher affirmed that police were called to the home of Mr. Walker based on a fraudulent 911 call. The individual did not take the call and could not disclose any details of the call’s content but immediately confirmed that Mr. Walker had been swatted.


ICYMI: Aaron Walker can legally say “Brett Kimberlin” in public again

The 1st Amendment rights of conservative blogger Aaron Walker were restored today as a Maryland judge partially stays a peace order that was issued earlier this month that forbade Walker from talking about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin. 

"I am free once again to do something very simple," Walker wrote on his blog, “I am allowed to say the name Brett Kimberlin again.” 

In part the judge ordered, “[Aaron Walker] may communicate about [Brett Kimberlin] on the internet or any other medium to a general audience, including on [Walker’s] website or [Walker’s] Twitter account so long as [Walker] does not threaten [Kimberlin] or advocate the use of force or other violation of law against [Kimberlin], or otherwise incite imminent lawless action against [Kimberlin], consistent with the Supreme Court’s holding in Brandenburg v Ohio, 395 U.S. 444, 447 (1969)”

Walker promised more updates on what happened today in court, including Kimberlin’s reaction to the ruling. 

Read more: 






Remember: Mandy Nagy is the bully

The Brett Kimberlin troll account OccupyRebellion is once again focusing her ‘anonymous’ hate speech against @Liberty_Chick. Doesn’t this troll have anything else to do on a Sunday morning? 

Apparently not. 


The Liberal Grouch grows a Pinocchio nose

On June 22, 2012, the Twitter account @LiberalGrouch was suspended from the service for an unspecified reason by the Powers That Be. A day later the person behind the account took to his website to make several false claims regarding the closure of his account. 

Under the title (SAFE LINK) “More Light Thrust On My Suspension” LiberalGrouch explained his suspension: 

I had a couple old Twitter Accounts that I have not used since 2010. In fact, I hadforgotten all about them. Before today, if you asked me what they were, I would notremember their names or their passwords.

One of them was a Twitter account I used to promote books I’ve written. The site was@BooksOBilly.

The other was for an ancient version of my current blog, that I called @TeabagTribune.

Apparently, someone hacked into those and used them to threaten @Ali Akbar.

Again, they were my accounts. But I don’t believe I’ve used them since 2010

Most of the above statements are factually incorrect. While it is true the two alternate accounts @BooksOBilly and @TeabagTribune were for the most part dormant, Liberal Grouch had full control of both accounts on June 11th and used them to make contact with Ali Akbar after his main account was blocked. 

Click Here to read all of Liberal Grouch tweets from all three accounts

@liberalgrouch: How odd. Twitter accounts I’ve forgotten about, unused since 2010, @ali has them blocked. And they get mentioned on the “anonymous” mail.

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212267552125108224

June 11, 2012 at 02:38PM 

Image of Tweet

@liberalgrouch: I mean, what a coincidence! That @ali would have had the FORESIGHT to block those two twitter accounts I didn’t even remember HAVING…

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212269045804830721

June 11, 2012 at 02:44PM

Image of Tweet

@liberalgrouch: ….before the pretend Anonymous e-mail hits. How fucking UNUSUAL and UNCANNY and PRESCIENT!

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212269187815571456

June 11, 2012 at 02:44PM

Image of Tweet

@liberalgrouch: My bad. @ali didn’t have them blocked. So I left him a few choice messages, one of which he responded to. Did you know that…

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212271689202016256

June 11, 2012 at 02:54PM

Image of Tweet

@liberalgrouch: …board members and directors have BEGGED him not to resign? BEGGED him to stay. Because how could they go on without him?

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212271822429896704

June 11, 2012 at 02:55PM

Image of Tweet

@liberalgrouch: Told him to unblock me and he and I could have a little DM tete a tete. Unless he has something to hide. And we already know about Grindr.

via Twitter http://twitter.com/liberalgrouch/status/212271996669669376

June 11, 2012 at 02:56PM

Image of Tweet

The above tweets from Liberal Grouch show he had access to the alternate Twitter accounts, logged into them,  and acknowledged that he published the messages left on the accounts that circumvented Ali Akbar’s action to block his cruel and vile attempts of harassment and defamation, a clear violation of Twitter’s TOS.

There was no hack.


It’s all so clear to me now! The Brett Kimberlin trolls were right. Anthony Weiner was hacked. Just study this photo it proves it all! 
Someone call the DOJ! 

It’s all so clear to me now! The Brett Kimberlin trolls were right. Anthony Weiner was hacked. Just study this photo it proves it all! 

Someone call the DOJ! 


ZOMG! SE Cupp to occasionally host show on MSNBC!

via Politico

On June 25, MSNBC will launch a new show at 3 p.m. featuring a rotating group of hosts from the network’s pool of contributors, sources at the network have confirmed.

Steve Kornacki, Salon’s political writer, and S.E. Cupp, the conservative columnist, are among those who will co-host the new show, which will replace Martin Bashir’s program when it moves to the 4 p.m slot on June 25.

One source said the rotatation format was a temporary plan, though that could not be confirmed with others.

Touré, the cultural critic-turned-liberal commentator, has also been cited by many sources as a likely co-host of the new show.

At least two sources also named former congressional candidate-turned-commentator Krystal Ball and the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein as possible co-hosts.


To my crazy ‘co-worker’ Ron Brynaert:

I reaffirm my original request. You may not publish my emails. 

Read Ron Brynaert ranting about me (SAFE LINK)

There is nothing in the emails I sent to you that I find newsworthy, except for you trying to fish for information 5 months after I had already left the story. I gave you all the information I knew about the topic we discussed. 

And honestly, looking over the emails again - they do more to tarnish your image than mine. So really, you want them out there?

Oh, have the mighty have fallen. You have gone from being exalted by leftists for being an investigative reporter at one of the most successful progressive news sites to threatening to publish emails about me, a nobody, an insignificant private citizen who lives in one of those fly-over States. All in the span of two years. What happened, BUDDY? 

For the record: I never called you an anti-Semitic. Or claimed that you liked Hitler. I just republished a message you published on Twitter claiming you may still owned Hitler’s Mein Kampf. There was no commentary on my part, at all. Anything you read into my message are ‘facts’ created within your head.

(Note: In the headline I called Ron Brynaert a ‘co-worker’ because he claimed that we “worked together on a story” through this email conversation he now wants to leak which happened in November. No story exists, I never worked with Ron Brynaert and I was never paid.)