UPDATE: Lee Stranahan was threatened by “Liberal Grouch” - PART 2

After reading my previous post “Liberal Grouch” took to Twitter to claim he never EVER threatened Lee Stranahan. 

He also wrote: 


Here is the fully recovered deleted article “Liberal Grouch” doesn’t remember writing where he threatened Lee Stranahan and his wife with the acts of rape and stalking: (Click image for a non-squished version)

  • "Liberal Grouch" wrote: "Are you REALLY so needy, so cowardly, that you would take an admittedly over-the-top comment and turn it into a REASON for a RESTRAINING ORDER???" Let’s remember the quote that he doesn’t believe qualifies as a threat is this one from "Occupy Rebellion":

Now for the notable threatening quotes from “Liberal Grouch” in this recovered article:

  • THREAT OF STALKING: “How would your wife feel about having John Firman Norton skulking around in her back yard taking pictures, Stranny?” 
  • THREAT OF RAPE: “Better idea, Stranny.  How about we find out where you are staying and rape YOU?”

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